Trie Data Structure

An auto-complete feature can be implemented by searching a list of words and returning all words that begin with a given prefix. Easy right? You could write a simple loop that searches the list like this:


Here is the scenario: you have a .NET core application, it is in a Bitbucket repository, you are hosting it in a Windows server using IIS, and you want to set up CI/CD using Bitbucket pipelines. If this is your case, continue reading.

Before you get too excited, make sure the following prerequisites have been met:

  • You have a .NET Core project already
  • Configured SSH on your server
  • Generated SSH keys and copied public key on server
  • Your project is in a Bitbucket repository
  • You have pipelines enabled in your repository settings

To get started, create a bitbucket-pipelines.yml …

Miguel A. Delgado

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